Why us


We, at Alot Solutions, have always strived to provide the best services to our clients. Thus, we aim to implement cutting-edge technologies to our infrastructure for avoiding technical inconveniences.

For example, we do have five different servers to cater to our bulk SMS-related offerings. Hence, even if one server of the same goes down, we can automatically redirect you to other ones for a flawless experience

Alongside this, we also have a separate server OTP and Trans-promo to prevent any connection issues while working. So, with us, you can tailor your messages and send your targeted audience using sales and demographic data without a hitch.

In addition, we have recently added a separate server from resellers and SMPP (short message peer-to-peer protocol) as well. So, even if your internet connection is fluctuating, you can still send a lot of texts to your desired community.

But why should you opt for our technologies for the betterment of your business or organization? Well, here are a few of the reasons that may convince you in this aspect!

We Have

In-house Development

All of our provided technologies have been developed by our in-house team of experts. Therefore, even if any issue occurs regarding our offerings, we can take care of it right away. Moreover, owing to the efforts of the team, we are still developing some newer technologies for offering a much more superior performance. So, make sure to opt for us if you wish to complete all of your operations in a subtle and smooth manner.

Always Evolving

As one of the best bulk SMS service providers in the market, we are trying to improve and evolve our technologies on a daily basis. Recently, we have started working on various new methods for sending SMS in a precise manner. If you do wish to add anything, then we can also make changes to it as per your requirements

High-end Security

Aside from implementing newer technologies, we do aim to strengthen our security system as well. We are well aware of the fact that the number of cybercrimes has skyrocketed since the last few years. Due to this reason, we have put a few layers of security system on each of our technologies so that no one can infiltrate it by any means.

Latest Versions

Are you are a tech-savvy person and always look for updated versions of software programs or technologies? Well, then, we will be the ideal option for you. With Alot Solutions, you can use the latest variant of SMPP and its web-portal. Thus, in essence, you will get access to all of the exciting features that the program has received in its brand new update.

Proper Testing and Application

Our innovative team does not only develop the technically-advanced programs, such as the Web SMS Platform and SMPP portal. Besides, it also evaluates through everything and eliminates the bugs right away before implementing them on the platform.

So do you want to send bulk SMS to your clients in a hassle-free manner? Then, make sure to give us a call and let us become your partner-in-Marketing